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22/07/2020 - Fuse 2


Exciting times here at Fuse 2 with the expansion of our network footprint to South East Asia and North America for Teams Direct Routing support.

Business is becoming ever more global and our customers are increasingly companies with overseas presence. This ranges from single territory salesmen or small sales offices to larger offices and even manufacturing sites.

Such businesses have specific needs that are the same whatever the nature of the business. They need to be able to use local in-country geographic numbers so that the people they deal with aren’t dialling internationally to call them. They also need to show a local presence. People prefer to deal locally.

The issue of local regulatory support is also important. If for example you have to call the emergency services in Singapore then that call needs to terminate at the local emergency services call centre and not in the country from which the parent organisation gets the comms service. Finally one of the things that suffers when voice services are provided from remote geographic regions is call quality because voice packets routed (tromboned) out of Singapore (seeing as we started with that example) to a server back in London and then back to Singapore suffer from a delay that is a real irritant to people on a phone call.

All this needs to happen in harmony with all the intra company collaboration and meeting tools that have recently become far more useful and visible during corona virus lockdown. The highest profile and perhaps fastest growing of these tools is Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has become a real driver for sales and growth here at Fuse 2. Actually the driver is Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft excels at enterprise software but is not a telco. Over the past few years they have dipped their toes into the telecoms market but come to the realisation that the provision of local support (numbering, emergency services etc) are difficult to provide especially at the Microsoft scale.

To address this Microsoft introduced the concept of Direct Routing for Teams as a means for telecoms operators, who typically as it happens already partner with Microsoft on the IT front, to offer their mutual customer base voice services that play well with the Teams collaboration suite.

Fuse 2, by extending our network to North America and Singapore are able to provide high quality voice services to our Teams based UK and European customers with offices in North America and South East Asia. Because the infrastructure is provided in the public cloud this infrastructure can easily be further extended to other geographic areas as required. Australasia, South America or Japan for example.

Using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as the hook into a customer’s IT environment  we provide bespoke voice services including sip trunking and cloud 3CX tailored to specific customer needs. Every customer is different even if at the high level the tech all looks the same.

By partnering with key networks globally we maintain local presence in 38+ countries and offer emergency services access & inbound numbering services in over 100 countries.

Furthermore we take advantage of key cloud providers such as Azure and AWS to extend our virtual SBCs to keep latency to a minimum for our global customers.

Because our services can be spun up very quickly in local clouds we are able to introduce very cost effective Unified Communications solutions offered by our enabling partners.

Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333