First Post (Project Lobuche)

So here’s the first post about our preparation in Project Lobuche.

From here I will be able to keep you all updated with progress on training, sponsorship, technical details on our Teams calling in Nepal and anything else relevant to the expedition.

I’m hoping you have an idea what this is about, but for those that don’t it’s going to be a 3-4 week expedition end of October 2021. It’s going to consist of a full Everest Base Camp walk to 5300m altitude, which is a feat in itself, then on the return climbing mount Lobuche and summit this at 6200 metres in height.

During the trek and expedition we hope to put Teams DRaaS to the test in some interesting environments.  We are still looking at whether to invest in a mobile Satellite BGAN unit or look to test their own infrastructure out.  I’ve read there is reasonable wifi services along the route and sporadic 3G/4G services.

I’ve been swatting up plenty of training plans for this sort of event and planned to give myself a good 6 month training plan.  Things unfortunately didn’t go off to a good start, as during a planned 4 hour mountain bike ride to start building up some endurance fitness I had a ‘over the handlebar’ moment. This has resulted in a potential scaphoid fracture in the wrist, currently with a cast on, awaiting an MRI scan to find out the extent.  This could see me out of action for 6-8 weeks which will certainly put me behind the planned training schedule but fear not, I am determined to ensure I catch up once fully or 80% healed.

By the way, full credit to the NHS, I was in and out of A&E in under an hour which included a diagnosis, x-ray and cast and sent merrily on my way!

As things happen i’ll be keeping you posted with news.  Feel free to get involved asking questions and of course donating to charities on the website.

I’ll also be giving you some more details on Kidasha and the great work they are doing out in Nepal.  We plan to visit them after the main expedition with Fuse 2 giving them a personal donation and promoting the good work they are doing for children in poverty.