Good News (Project Lobuche)

So the good news is, after a consultation with a wrist & arm doctor they believe the arm is not broken and highly likely a soft tissue injury! great relief and already feeling better now the cast is off.  Reading on google the Scaphoid fracture can be a nightmare – tip don’t try and self diagnose on google, you end up jumping to the most extreme conclusions 🙂

So with the cast off and arm feeling better its back on track with the training schedule.  Which looks like this

  • 4-5 days a week minimum 60 minutes exercise of good cardio exercise
  • weekend to include one long hike/cycle ride

in the coming weeks I look to take on some more strength training with local crossfit gym Unique Fitness in Bolton.  Pretty handy for me as its only across the road from the office.  Mark who runs it is looking forward to getting the gym open again and i’m looking forward to getting back to some old sessions that I haven’t done for sometime. They have fantastic facilities check them over on Instagram here  – often get to see some north west based boxers training here by ex professional footballer David Norris who also shares the facilities with Mark.

As ive never really done anything high altitude other than Snowdonia and UK based mountains which never really go above 1200metres I thought it would be sensible to swat up on training knowledge and tips tricks dealing with high altitude conditions.  A good starting place was this book by Kate Sielmann who has summited many high altitude mountains and leaves alot of the guess work at home with good information on kit list, training and nutrition.  Ive been following the training loosely thus far, however now the cast is off I can start to go full force ahead (that’s the plan anyway)