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News - Feature Friday's
24/06/2022 - Jodie Penk

Customer service and satisfaction are key within any industry/business. With customers more likely to go online or pick up the phone to engage with a business thanks to the post-pandemic world, having top-quality customer service holds a great deal of importance.

Tracking these interactions within your call centre is essential for gaining real-time insight into your agents’ performance and customer needs. With 3CX’s advanced Call Reporting feature, you can utilise reports to make informed decisions about your business, restructure your call centre, optimise agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Reports are available on demand or you can schedule them according to your clients’ needs. The majority of reports can be – exported as a HTML or CSV file, scheduled daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly and filtered by date (reports can be pulled from call logs up to 30 days old)

3CX can offer three different variations of reports. With the three different reporting options available, you can enhance user experience and gain valuable insights into your target market. By using the management console to select which reports you would like to see, the wallboards and reports will only show the relevant statistics for your requirements. The drop-down tool allows you to select your variables and create bespoke wallboards. The three reporting options for 3CX include:

  • Agent Performance Reports
  • Quality of Service Reports
  • Chat Reports

Agent Performance Reports

Performance reports are used to monitor agent productivity whilst at work. KPIs (key performance indicators) are used to track how effectively and efficiently a call centre agent is achieving the business’s goals for customer service. 3CX offers agent performance reporting in the following ways:

  • Extension Statistic Report
  • Ring Group Statistics
  • Call Distribution
  • Agent in Queue Statistics
  • Agent Login History

Quality of Service Reports:

The service your customers experience during their calls to your agents is the most vital part of their consumer journey. 3CX can help you manage these engagements in the following ways, from an agent perspective or a team:

  • Call Reports
  • Average Queue Waiting Time
  • Call Cost by Call Type
  • Queue Answered / Unanswered Calls
  • Statistic SLA
  • Breaches SLA
  • Trunk DID
  • Queue Performance Overview
  • Detailed Queue Statistics
  • Abandoned Queue Calls
  • Queue Callbacks
  • Failed Queue Callbacks

To discover how 3CX can help you enhance your user experience and gain valuable insights into your target market and employees…


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