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News - Feature Friday's
10/06/2022 - Jodie Penk

Manage Customer Dialogues over Any Channel, on Any Device, from Anywhere.

As Microsoft’s first officially certified Cloud Contact Centre and Dialogue Management solution, Anywhere365 is able to leverage the voice capabilities of your Microsoft Teams.

Anywhere365 is a communications management solution that is geared entirely around the Microsoft stack. It is available globally and works across communications channels, with chat, email, voice and social media capabilities. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and Microsoft Azure to access, route and translate inquiries from across the world and on all channels.

Omni-Channel Functionality

The omni-channel Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud manages any enterprise’s dialogues by streamlining all channels of communications with a full Omni-Channel experience for agents integrating SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Ai Bots, Emails and more. Omni-channel functionality allows you to optimise your customer experience and service by allowing your customers to reach out on the channel of their choice. Anywhere365’s omni-channel functionality allows you to combine the reliability and security of a modern contact centre with the flexibility to integrate any back-office system.


Sophisticated routing algorithms combined with Azure AI provide real-time voice processing and translation in over a dozen languages.


Intelligently route and interact with chat sessions from a website or client with real-time translation in over 60 languages.


AI bots reduce costs and improve the customer experience by intelligently processing routine interactions, leaving more complex dialogues for live agents.


Automatically determine required skills, prioritize, route and handle email messages in real-time as any other communications channel.


Prioritize, route and interact with mobile customers using SMS services from the agent’s desktop client.


Interact with customers over voice, chat and video on their favorite platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.


Route data and alerts from the software and sensors imbedded in appliances, vehicles, devices and buildings to the appropriate answer point.


Anywhere365 makes it possible to chat with a group of (federated) Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business users, while the customer uses the WhatsApp client.

Microsoft Teams

Anywhere365 Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management is able to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to route calls to Teams powered agents with all the rich features of Anywhere365

Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business is a communication platform from Microsoft, designed for the

To find out how Anywhere365 can leverage your Unified Communications


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