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13/12/2022 - Jodie Penk

Being able to successfully capture calls and leverage insights from advanced call recordings means businesses can develop plans to enhance customer experience, improve internal training initiatives, and even enhance operational outcomes.

Capturing information from critical conversations is essential for compliance in many regulated industries. In an age where customer experience is the number one focus, a reliable and innovative recording solution is key for any unified communications.

That’s where CallCabinet comes in…

In 2012, CallCabinet began to revolutionise the call recording landscape by introducing Atmos. Atmos was the world’s first cloud-native call recording platform and prides itself on its military-grade compliance. The Atmos platform was designed with safeguarding and quality assurance at its core. This means businesses can comply with regulatory compliance standards whilst continuing to improve staff and customer experience.

Image showing the detailed call reports homepage. Analytics from this page can be used to review agents performance and in return, enhance customer experience.

One of the key attributes to Atmos’ by CallCabinet’s success is the intuitive AI-Driven Voice Analytics. With powerful functionality such as Natural Language Processing, PCI Redaction and Script Compliance, Atmos provides business leaders with the insights they need to ensure everyone is working to business standards.

So, what do they do?

Atmos’ Natural Language Processing system uses context and emotional clues to more accurately determine what is being said in a conversation. Due to the advanced technology that CallCabinet has developed, this feature is designed to transcribe speech in multiple languages which offers at least 10% better accuracy when compared to other competitive solutions. This works by analysing the tone, pace and sentiment of the dialect rather than the actual words to determine the emotion behind the conversation. Sentiment can be tracked throughout the call meaning that Atmos can pinpoint specific points within the dialogue where the customer may have had a change of heart.

AI-powered voice analytics enable Atmos to automatically redact any spoken PCI dialect from the transcript and from the recordings. This is in line with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Information Data Security Standards) rules and ensures that all regulatory safeguarding guidelines are being followed. This works through a series of different PCI Security:

Audio Redaction – Audio Redaction permanently removes any sensitive spoken data from call recordings. Upon playback of a call, Atmos masks the audio file across the call segment where PCI redaction occurs.

Transcript Hashing – Transcription hashing removes financial and sensitive customer data inside your Atmos speech-to-text transcriptions, replacing the sensitive text with hash marks.

Screen Capture Redaction – Screen capture redaction masks financial data detected inside of Atmos screenshots. During playback, Atmos automatically redacts any screens that are associated with PCI data.

Script Compliance allows contact centre managers to ensure that their staff are including all required disclosures and legal disclaimers within their conversations with customers or clients. By monitoring staff and ensuring that they are adhering to the provided scripts, call centre managers can be assured that all regulatory standards are being met. Managers can simply search call recordings for specific language to ensure that all staff are sticking to scripts, providing the correct information and also giving the best customer service. Script compliance is also crucial to any business so that they can always have proof on-hand that the customer was given the correct legal disclaimers within the call.

Why should you choose Fuse 2 for your CallCabinet deployment?

At Fuse 2, we believe that the CallCabinet call recording software is an essential tool for any business that wants to improve its customer service, track its performance and stick to regulatory rules. The software is easy to use and comes with our strong support, so you can be sure that you’ll always have help when you need it.

Our highly skilled engineers are available at all times to assist with your software deployment and also provide training and support throughout your contract with Fuse 2. Our strong SLAs ensure that you will receive relevant and timely support so that your communications are unaffected in the unlikely event of an outage.

Along with the amazing support, working with Fuse 2 guarantees services supported by a global carrier-grade network. Our network has been designed with resilience and security at it’s core. This means services from Fuse 2 work hand-in-hand with CallCabinet’s security offering by enhancing the reliability of the features. With DDoS mitigation strategies in place, you can be assured that you will never be at risk of fraudulent activity that could possibly hinder your communications or access your sensitive information.

To find out more get in touch today!

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