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Astrea Academy Trust

07/12/2021 - Fuse 2
Astrea Academy Trust

The Astrea Academy consists of 27 schools, it is the 13th largest multi-academy trust in the UK. Fuse 2 worked closely with the Academy’s IT Manager to find solutions to improve the communication systems across all of the schools.

The Challenge
The Astrea Academy originally had a hybrid voice system. However, they had been experiencing a range of service issues, including hacking and hardware failures. The decision was made to look for alternative options, including the transfer of VOIP call processing via the Microsoft Teams System. The first supplier who was visible from their research was Fuse 2.

The Solution
The Academy signed up for a two month trial in 2018 and subsequently signed up for the full Microsoft Teams Routing service in May 2019. Fuse 2 were chosen in large part due to their specialisation in direct routing. The vision was to get rid of the traditional desk phones and enable remote connectivity between staff. The Astrea Academy have 27 sites to spread the new system across. It is now in one school and half way through being in another school. The plan for the future is to keep improving and spread this migration across all sites.

The Results
Fuse 2 have been providing an outstanding communications service, enabling connectivity and team networking. This has turned out to be a particularly cost-effective option given the large number of staff working for the Academy. IT Manager Giles Williams said, “Fuse 2 been really good, they got on with things straight away and the billing was accurate. From experience, telecoms invoices often have extra expenses added at the end. However, Fuse 2’s invoice is exactly what was agreed at the quote stage.”

Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333