TST is a full service provider of IT and communications services to small and medium sized businesses across Chester, Wirral and North Wales. They provide IT support, telephony, and digital communication services to suit professional requirements and expectations.

The Challenge
Paul Gratton, owner of TST, made the decision to switch the outsourcing of communications services to Fuse 2 as a direct result of his frustration with another provider beset by continuous system issues. At that time Paul was working with 25 separate customers, each experiencing distinct problems. However, Fuse 2 provided an outstanding service, effectively resolving the customer issues and achieving exceptional levels of satisfaction.

The Solution
Fuse 2 began with the establishment of a plan for successful migration of the TST customers. Paul and the TST team were very happy with the proof of concept and proposal for the voice business migration. Each of the 25 customers were seamlessly migrated over the course of a 3 week period and have been experiencing the benefits of the Fuse 2 service ever since. 

The Results
Paul commented on his positive experience with Fuse 2, saying that he had been highly impressed by the rock solid communications services. He revealed that there hadn’t been any outages or problems with the VOIP systems since the migration. TST have also experienced the benefits of a profitable revenue stream and the simplicity of branded billing provided as part of the Fuse 2 service.

Fuse 2 have continued to deliver a high standard-communication service, providing support and assistance as and when required by the TST team. Paul said that he had been really pleased with the Fuse 2 customer experience, the vast majority of service issues being resolved within an hour. He commented on the continued commitment of Fuse 2 to business success. TST are committed to working in collaboration with Fuse 2 into the future.

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