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Quality communications is critical to every organization and poor service due to network issues can be costly in both time and money.


Fortunately, we figured it out.

The fuse2 Network Observation Device (NOD) combines the GENBAND Quality of Experience (QoE) Monitoring Software pre-loaded and configured with an Intel NUC, a small computing appliance, that can be simply plugged into a network to determine the quality of service a customer can expect from their network.



Once delivered to the customer site, the NOD is plugged into the Voice LAN and powered on. It will immediately call the Nuvia Cloud UC service and start producing QoE statistics that are collected over a period of time and then analyzed.



The Network Observation Device can be used to help verify if an organization’s network is ready for VoIP services. It does this by communicating with Nuvia to capture statistics such as network jitter, packet loss, and mean opinion score (a numerical method for measuring voice quality). Scores outside of acceptable limits can be flagged and that section of the network can be investigated.

By placing the NOD in different parts of the network, say different floors of a building or at different branch offices, problem spots can be identified before Nuvia Cloud UC is deployed ensuring quality communications. They can be left on the network on a temporary basis for pre-deployment analysis or permanently to continuously monitor VoIP performance.

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