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2025 ISDN Switch Off

What is the ISDN?

An ISDN line is the main carrier and most popular way of making phone calls across the world. The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) allows you to make phone calls and other services using digital transmissions through the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The ISDN was launched in 1986 and back then it was a revolutionary solution to telecommunications. However, in the modern age the ISDN can no longer keep up with the demands of modern communication. 

Why is it being switched off? 

The ISDN is no longer capable of delivering the volume or quality of voice data needed in the increasingly digital world. The technology Is outdated, offers little to no flexibility and still ties businesses down to physical locations. With these factors in place, the decision to switch off the ISDN was made final in 2017 with the switch off being fully complete in 2025. Overall, it did not make financial sense to keep making improvements to the ISDN as It would never be as advanced as other up-to-date technologies in the market.

What are the alternatives and how can Fuse2 help?

There are two alternatives once the ISDN has been switched off. The first is VOIP, also known as IP telephony. This is a method in which allows voice communications and multimedia sessions to run over IP networks. Choosing  a VOIP system means you will need to buy a whole new phone system. The second option is SIP, SIP is the technology that creates, modifies and terminates sessions with one or more parties in an IP network. By choosing SIP, you are able to keep your current system when the switch is made. 

Fuse 2 offer end to end solutions for both VOIP and SIP, with full support throughout the transition. A bespoke solution will be determined for you based on your needs with the help of our in house experts and dedicated account managers. At Fuse 2 we have a unique global presence meaning more flexibility and also meaning that businesses are no longer tied down to physical locations. 

For more information please contact your account manager

Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333