Voice Services

Our fully adaptable voice services offer businesses more choice, freedom and flexibility. Answer calls easily and from anywhere with a handy app or via any web browser.

Cloud Fusion

With one phone number that follows you anywhere you go, Cloud Fusion provides user with their own mobile office, across any devices, anywhere with an internet connection.

SIP Trunks

Send and receive calls via the internet. Have full control over voice, video and messaging applications as well as desktop sharing, web conferencing, and shared whiteboard.

ISDN Services

Convert expensive (and soon to be obsolete) ISDN services to the next generation SIP services, without making disruptive changes to your current system.

Call Centres

Our tailored call centre solutions offer you extensive call queues management, reporting and supervisor functionality.

WebRTC Wrappers

Simplify WebRTC usage with wrappers that help to transport data between clients, inside an everyday web browser. Send media and share data easily.


Cloud 3CX is a very feature rich cloud phone system which offers intuitive VoIP softphone/smartphone apps, instant messaging, web conferencing, fax and voicemail to email, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate into your Microsoft or Office 365 platforms and offer PSTN/Telephony services via our certified cloud gateways. Route numbers anywhere in the world to your Microsoft Teams or desk phones.

SfB Integration

Offering PSTN/Telephony services via certified cloud gateways. Port and use existing telephone numbers, purchase new numbers from anywhere in the world and route them to your SfB clients.

IP Status - Number Diverting

Divert all incoming calls, set a time limit, transfer from landline to mobile, or set to divert only if number is engaged. Number diverting puts you in control, ensuring you never miss a call again.