Our Business Voice Services

No matter the size of your business, it is always essential to keep your staff and clients connected through high-quality business voice services.

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    At Fuse 2 Communications, we provide top-of-the range VoIP and SIP voice services that are available from any device, and in any location.

    We help companies like yours to create fully integrated, streamlined and seamlessly managed voice networks to handle all of their international calling and business communications. Partnering with RIBBON, we provide businesses with market-leading cloud-based telephony services that allow them to make and answer calls wherever they are, whether via a handy app or through their web browser.

    As an award-winning independent provider of business voice services, we are here to help future-proof your corporate communication. With our enterprise-grade voice network and tailored approach to meeting the needs of each client, we can provide you with a new approach to voice calls that delivers the quality, reliability and functionality you expect.

    Explore our complete range of business voice services below, or call Fuse 2 today to find out more. Give us a ring on 0330 088 0333, or fill in our contact form to arrange a call back at your convenience.

    Our Services

    At Fuse 2 Communications, our adaptable cloud-driven voice services are designed to help your business to seamlessly manage voice communications via a flexible, globally accessible VoIP setup, with a focus on quality, reliability and compatibility.

    Here are the VoIP and SIP voice services we can provide:

    Cloud Fusion

    With this highly flexible solution, users can take their mobile office with them wherever they go, with one phone number that follows you across any device, in any location with an internet connection

    SIP Trunks

    Future-proof your phone network by routing your calls through Fuse 2’s carrier-grade network, unlocking new voice, video and messaging applications, as well as desktop sharing, web conferencing and shared whiteboards

    ISDN Services

    Convert your outdated ISDN services to next-generation SIP services, ensuring a seamless transition

    Call Centres

    Make use of our extensive call queue management, reporting and supervisor functionality with our tailored call centre solutions

    WebRTC Wrappers

    Simplify WebRTC usage with wrappers that transport data between clients via your web browser, making it easier to share media and data


    With the feature-rich Cloud 3CX cloud phone system, you can access features such as VoIP softphone/smartphone apps, instant messaging, web conferencing, fax and voicemail to email, and more

    Microsoft Teams

    Achieve full integration between Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft or Office 365 platforms, using PSTN/telephony services and our certified cloud gateways to route numbers to your devices from anywhere in the world

    SfB Integration

    Port your existing telephone numbers to a new network and route them to your SfB clients, or purchase new numbers from anywhere in the world with our PSTN/telephony services and certified cloud gateways

    IP Status - Number Diverting

    Take full control of number diverting, choosing whether to divert all calls, set time limits, transfer calls from landline to mobile, or set to divert only if the number is engaged

    Why Choose Fuse 2?

    Fuse 2 Communications is an award-winning independent provider of connectivity and IP solutions for businesses around the world, known for our combination of high-quality enterprise grade network capabilities and friendly, personalised customer service.

    By making use of our voice services, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

    • A cloud-based voice network with advanced features thanks to our partnership with RIBBON, offering features that outperform many others on the market
    • A highly diverse carrier network, with each segment capable of operating undisturbed in the event of hardware interconnect outages
    • Direct interconnects with most major networks and suppliers – including LINX, IXManchester, Cogent, TalkTalk, BT, UKFast and Amazon AWS – to ensure guaranteed call quality
    • Proactive network monitoring to deliver real-world performance metrics and timely notifications about potential outages

    You can read more about how effectively our network functions here.

    As an independent company, we are dedicated to working closely with clients to deliver custom voice network services that are tailored to their specific needs. No matter what your requirements may be, Fuse 2’s solutions can deliver the quality, stability and accessibility you need to keep a global business functioning effectively.