Call Recording Services with CallCabinet Atmos

Call Recording, Quality Assurance and Compliance with CallCabinet Atmos

CallCabinet’s cloud-based Atmos platform delivers sophisticated call recording without the need for costly on-site hardware. Speak to Fuse 2 to find out how we can help you unlock the full benefits of Atmos!

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    Call Recording Services with CallCabinet Atmos

    Modern call recording services can transform your business’ communications, giving you more visibility and control over your customer calls than ever before. At Fuse 2 Communications, we can help you set up sophisticated call recording services using CallCabinet’s Atmos platform, delivering all these benefits and more.

    Atmos is an award-winning Call Recording as a Service (CRaaS) platform that delivers top-of-the-range call recording, quality assurance, voice analytics and compliance solutions in a way that is flexible, scalable and affordable. Fuse 2 can help you set up your Atmos service in a way that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your business, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment.

    No matter what kind of call recording setup you are looking to establish, Fuse 2 has the expertise and experience to make Atmos work for you. We are an award-winning provider of premium communications solutions and are dedicated to helping you unlock the full benefits of Atmos, supported by our enterprise-grade network.

    To find out more about our call recording services and the CallCabinet Atmos platform, get in touch with Fuse 2 today. Arrange a call back at your convenience, or call 0330 088 0333 to speak to us.

    What is Atmos from CallCabinet?

    CallCabinet’s Atmos is a highly capable CRaaS platform that uses cloud and AI technology to provide versatile, high-quality call recording and quality assurance services for businesses in every sector.

    It is designed to be integrated seamlessly with any telephone system, allowing users to record calls for a multitude of purposes, ranging from staff training and dispute resolution to compliance or security needs. This securely stored data can then be analysed using the powerful AI-driven Atmos Analytics tool, which is able to automatically sort and structure the recorded calls into a searchable database, delivering priceless customer insights.

    Because Atmos is a cloud-based platform, it also offers significant benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability. The service can be expanded with different licences and features, according to the specific needs of your organisation, and the lack of traditional on-site hardware systems means that you can unlock significant cost savings.

    The Benefits of Atmos Call Recording

    CallCabinet has designed the Atmos platform to provide a comprehensive suite of features, which together deliver a broad range of benefits for users:

    • Secure call recording
      Atmos securely captures and stores all of your calls using a true-Cloud security infrastructure, with redundancy features and a 256-bit AES encryption method to meet GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA, and other compliance standards.
    • In-depth quality assurance features
      With Atmos’ agent evaluation tools, you can quickly resolve disputes, expertly train your staff, maintain compliance and ensure your customer experience is fully optimised.
    • Sophisticated voice analytics and insights
      Atmos Analytics allows you to search your call database effectively and simply with keyword/keyphrase solutions, while recorded calls and screens can be automated for caller sentiment, content, communication method and many other key performance indicators. This gives you valuable insights into your customer experiences and agent interactions.
    • AI-powered performance
      Atmos’ robust Natural Language Processing provides best-in-class speech analytics, meaning the platform can automatically organise your unstructured call recordings into actionable data.
    • Maximum speed and throughput
      Atmos resides in a high-speed network of global data centres, making it a true cloud technology, ensuring unlimited bandwidth and storage space.
    • Total regulatory compliance
      Atmos’ processes and functionality are designed to meet global regulatory compliance standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, MiFID II, DFA, MADII, ESMA, UK FCA, USFTC, SOX, FICA, POPI and FAIS.
    • Compatible with your existing telephone systems
      Atmos supports 99% of all telephony platforms, including Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Metaswitch, Netsapiens, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and many others.
    • Scalable and modular
      Atmos is offered through a self-managing subscription plan, giving users full control over their storage plan and licensing. This means that advanced features such as voice analytics, quality assurance, PCI DSS masking, screen and fax capture can be added as and when they are needed.

    Fuse 2 for Atmos Call Recording

    If you are looking for an expert provider of communication services to help you make the very most of your CallCabinet Atmos call recording system, Fuse 2 is here to support you. We have helped organisations all over the world to create a tailored call recording solution that meets their specific requirements, and fits seamlessly into the way they prefer to work.

    Fuse 2 can help implement Atmos call recording across a multitude of platforms, including:

    • Microsoft Teams
    • 3CX
    • Asterisk
    • SIP Recording (SIPREC)/network-based platform

    Fuse 2 was one of the first UK internet telephony service providers to integrate with Atmos, and we have vast amounts of knowledge to help move your call recordings to a secure and compliant service.

    As an award-winning and fully independent company, Fuse 2 is able to provide the same quality of service as a big brand, while still maintaining a friendly and personalised customer experience, and a focus on finding solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

    Below, you can see a full rundown of where our international data centres are located, and where the nearest hub serving your region is based:

    Why Choose Fuse 2?

    Certified Ribbon Service Provider & Microsoft Partner

    24/7 Support & Monitoring with UK Engineering Teams

    Independent Carrier Network with Global Points of Presence

    Additional Call Control & Features not present with Microsoft

    ITSPA Award winners in multiple categories

    Channel based calls pricing rather than per user

    Teams Solutions Delivered and Trusted by