3CX Cloud Phone Services

In today’s world of work, it has never been more important for staff members to be able to work anywhere, at any time, via a single unified communications platform.

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    3CX Platinum Partner

    At Fuse 2 Communications, we can help you set up 3CX cloud phone services to help you realise this goal, empowering your staff to work flexibly and helping your business to grow.

    3CX is a sophisticated and feature-rich cloud phone system that allows users to manage their voice calls, instant messaging, web conferencing, live chats, faxes and email from a single unified platform. By investing in 3CX cloud services, you can gain access to sophisticated VoIP apps, digital receptionist tools and screen sharing options, all through a single, user-friendly platform that can be accessed from any device.

    Fuse 2 is a trusted 3CX cloud provider, and by trusting us to set up your 3CX service, we can manage all traffic within the same cloud. Our integrated approach is highly cost-effective and delivers better call quality and reliability for you, thanks to the power of our enterprise-grade network.

    To find out how we can support you as a 3CX cloud provider, get in touch with Fuse 2 today. Arrange a call back at your convenience, or call 0330 088 0333 to speak to us.

    What is the 3CX Cloud Phone System?

    3CX is a sophisticated PBX (private branch exchange) system that allows your company to establish a private telephone network within the cloud, taking full advantage of the flexibility and platform-agnostic benefits that cloud and VoIP services can provide.

    Rather than being tied down to physical phone lines and different software solutions for each of your communications needs, the 3CX cloud phone service allows you to unify all of your business comms with a single suite of softphone and smartphone apps, accessible from any smartphone, desktop PC or laptop. This allows users to take their office extensions with them wherever they go, and manage all of their voice, text and video-based communication on one platform.

    This highly efficient unified communications service helps to improve your collaboration solutions, boost your productivity, increase your mobility and enhance your customer experience. It is also optimised for maximum security and is easy to install and manage, making it an ideal solution for your remote workforce.

    By taking full advantage of all that 3CX has to offer, you can slash your company’s phone costs, increase your efficiency and make sure you never miss a call again.

    The Benefits of 3CX Cloud Services

    The 3CX Cloud Phone system is highly versatile and rich in useful features and options, delivering a wide range of benefits and capabilities for your business.

    Sophisticated Unified Communication Tools

    With 3CX’s modern and intuitive VoIP softphone and smartphone apps, users have instant access to a full suite of communication tools – such as presence, instant messaging, web conferencing, the ability to chat and talk with website visitors, fax, voicemail and email – via a single user-friendly platform.

    Features include:

    • Auto-Attendant digital receptionist tools
    • Full syncing with Office 365, including users’ phonebook contacts and Azure AD details
    • Web conferencing function, including polls, PDF sharing, screen sharing, remote assist and recording
    • Website live chat and talk capabilities
    • Call centre features, including wallboard, queuing, callbacks, call and queue reporting, and more
    • No need for third-party messaging systems
    • Support for barge in, listen in and whisper functions
    • Hot-desking support
    • Call recording, including transcription and search

    Seamless support for Android and iOS

    3CX’s VoIP apps for Android and iOS allow you to take your office extension with you anywhere, with an intuitive user interface and integrated softphone applications offering a full range of features, including presence, chat, conferencing and more.

    Features include:

    • Make and receive calls from your smartphone at no cost
    • Transfer calls to colleagues without needing to ask customers to call another number
    • The most advanced and reliable Android and iOS VoIP softphones on the market
    • No additional licensing costs for mobile apps
    • Push notifications to help save mobile battery life
    • In-built SIP tunnel/proxy resolves any remote firewall issues, and SIP forking means all apps can be used simultaneously
    • Set your status to available, away and out of office from your smartphone, and see the presence of your colleagues from anywhere
    • Remote configuration via QR code for no-hassle setup
    • Secure communication with end-to-end encryption
    • Full integration and easy usability

    Fully integrated video conferencing

    Video conferencing has become an essential part of daily business communications, which is why it is free and fully integrated with 3CX, launchable through the web client with just a few clicks.

    Features include:

    • Launching calls on your IP phone from your Windows desktop or CRM
    • Access to a full range of unified communications features
    • Easy usability and management, with an intuitive interface
    • Drag and drop calls for quick transfer
    • Optimised functionality for call centres, including wallboard and Q-Manager view
    • Receptionist view allowing easy management of incoming calls
    • Easy importing of Office 365, Google or internal phonebook contacts
    • Logging call queries against DB and CRM details
    • Detailed reports on customer/agent activities, eliminating the need for for manual call logging

    Intuitive performance on PC and Mac

    With powerful softphones for Mac and Windows, 3CX allows you to easily manage your phone calls in the office, at home or on the road using your desktop PC or laptop.

    Unlike other PBXs, no additional licence fees are charged and apps are fully integrated for ease of use.

    Features include:

    • One-click video conferencing with a simple plugin download
    • Interoperability with VoIP and video
    • Bandwidth management and control
    • The ability to pre-upload PowerPoint documents and PDFs for crisp, responsive delivery
    • Easy-to-use polling tool for feedback
    • Pricing based on the number of participants, rather than per-user licensing
    • Unlimited users, no matter which package you choose
    • One low, yearly payment, rather than per-month costs
    • Fully integrated 3CX communications, free for up to 250 participants
    • Remote control and screen sharing for quick and easy troubleshooting