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We understand that the phone in the warehouse doesn’t need the same capabilities as an on-the-go knowledge worker, and so should not cost the same.

Simply choose the appropriate number of each package required and don’t worry if you need to change in a few months – Cloud Fusion allows you to adjust as your needs change. In addition to packages, Cloud Fusion offers services a la carte, to meet specific work environments.

FeaturesBasicBusiness UC+
Voice Features
033 NGN NumberYesYes
Ad Hoc ConferencingYesYes
Advanced Screening (Find me/Follow me)YesYes
Alias RoutingYesYes
Anonymous Call RejectionYesYes
Busy Lamp FieldYesYes
Call ParkYesYes
Call PickupYesYes
Call ReturnYesYes
Call ScreeningYesYes
Call WaitingYesYes
Caller IDYesYes
Class of Service RestrictionsYesYes
Deny All CallsYesYes
Direct Inward DiallingYesYes
Do Not DisturbYesYes
End User PortalYesYes
Extension DiallingYesYes
Hot DeskingYesYes
Hunt GroupsYesYes
Music On HoldYesYes
Pick Up GroupsYesYes
Selective Call RejectionYesYes
Short Dialling CodesYesYes
Windows / MAC Desktop ClientYes
Instant MessagingYes
File TransferYes
Whiteboard SharingYes
Meet Me Conference (10 Participants)Yes
Mobile ClientYes
Call GrabberYes
WebRTC Web-based ClientYes
Additional Chargeable Features
UK Geographic NumberOptionalOptional
Voicemail Speech to Text TranscriptionOptionalOptional
Call RecordingOptionalOptional
SmartOffice CollaborationOptionalOptional


Don’t leave the success of your business to chance. Recording incoming and outgoing calls within your organisation helps measure the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and customer service. It can also help comply with regulatory compliance and minimise risk.


With Cloud Fusion Call Recording, recordings can be indexed by time, agent/employee, date, group, and a variety of other fields, making for hassle-free, instantaneous record retention, search, and retrieval. This makes reviewing calls simple letting you easily gain customer insight, improve sales conversion, and increase customer retention.

Identity theft is a massive problem in the United States, the United Kingdom and around the world. In response, the Payment Card Industry and the Financial Conduct Authority have established clear rules to help assure that critical financial and identification data is protected from menaces both outside and within the enterprise.

  • Delete all call recordings with sensitive information but retain valuable non-sensitive interaction data for reporting and analysis
  • Roles-based access to recorded files containing sensitive information
  • Agent can pause call recording during the collection of sensitive financial and personal information

Call Recording is part of the Cloud Fusion service. The solution is built on carrier-class elements that support millions of IP lines and billions of minutes of customers worldwide. Cloud UC infrastructure is designed for 99.999% uptime; all of the elements are redundant and all of the infrastructure is deployed in geographically redundant data centres worldwide. Cloud UC is designed and built to support organisations of all sizes, it includes the management tools required to maintain large, multi-site organisations.


  • Multi-tenancy for hosted
  • White label for branding
  • Multi-site call recording
  • Mobility support
  • On-demand recording
  • Play, download, or delete recordings
  • Create recording campaigns
  • Schedule recording times
  • Live Monitoring
  • Call tagging audit trail
  • Multi-criteria searching
  • Call exporting
  • Auto-delete selective recording
  • Look-back call recording
  • Fine-grained privileged access
  • File management/archiving
  • Filtering (IP-DID Range)
  • Extension-level call recording
  • Automatic call recording

Visual Voicemail

They can check their voicemails from any machine with the internet, on any browser. Visual Voicemail has useful features which translate voicemails into text and then email that information quickly and directly to the user. This saves users the hassle of having to check and listen to their voicemail. This feature can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so you never have to miss a voicemail again.


Receive your voicemails anywhere in the world


Visual Voicemail converts speech-to-text

Smart Office

Incoming business calls, typically destine for an office phone, ring on the user’s computer or smartphone; outbound calls provide the user’s office number’s Caller ID. Quickly escalate from a simple phone call to video or a full web conference. Instantly customise the client to launch the business apps – even change the colour to match the organisation’s brand.WATCH THE VIDEO


Easily move live calls between your mobile phone, desktop client, desk phone, even a home phone. Callers can’t tell if you’ve gone to grab a cup of coffee or headed out of the office to get to another meeting. Easily start a call from the car and move it to your desk, seamlessly. The same services are supported on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE.


Customise your services to suit your needs. We know that every user is different, from their appearance to the different services they use. With Smart Office, users can customise the colour of their business app to suit their brand and set the client to automatically launch their favourite or most-used apps.


Key Capabilities
  • Rich PBX services
  • Presence
  • Instant Messaging
  • Click-to-dial voice and video
  • Smart Office collaboration room
  • Conversation logs
  • Global and personal address book (network/cloud-based)
  • Dynamic call handling including presence-based routing
Collaboration Room Services
  • Multi-party voice and video conferencing
  • Screen and content sharing
  • Multi-party chat
  • Moderator controls
  • Dynamic bandwidth use via SVC video support

Common Specifications
  • Voice calling with G.711 & Opus codecs
  • Video calling with H.264 and VP8
  • Support for multi-party video conferencing with H.264 SD/HD SVC
  • All conversations are secured with HTTPS, TLS & SRTP
Cloud Fusion Integration
  • Cloud Fusion portal supports custom client colours
  • Custom tabs support 3rd party applications



An intuitive web portal makes it easy to define menu structures and routing selections. Multiple schedule options simplify call management at different times of day, day of the week and during holidays.

The Virtual Receptionist can easily manage large volumes of incoming calls and provide multiple levels of call handling for any business environment.