Cloud Fusion Smart Office

Office communications at your fingertips. From any computer or smartphone, employees can turn their home, car, or hotel lobby into a virtual office.

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    Incoming business calls, typically destine for an office phone, ring on the user’s computer or smartphone; outbound calls provide the user’s office number’s Caller ID. Quickly escalate from a simple phone call to video or a full web conference. Instantly customise the client to launch the business apps – even change the colour to match the organisation’s brand.

    Ask For Your Call “To Go” With Call Grabber

    Easily move live calls between your mobile phone, desktop client, desk phone, even a home phone. Callers can’t tell if you’ve gone to grab a cup of coffee or headed out of the office to get to another meeting. Easily start a call from the car and move it to your desk, seamlessly. The same services are supported on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE.


    Unique Integration With 3rd Party Applications – Instant Customisation.

    Customise your services to suit your needs. We know that every user is different, from their appearance to the different services they use. With Smart Office, users can customise the colour of their business app to suit their brand and set the client to automatically launch their favourite or most-used apps.


    Key Capabilities

    • Rich PBX services
    • Presence
    • Instant Messaging
    • Click-to-dial voice and video
    • Smart Office collaboration room
    • E-mail and Clipboard collaboration invitation
    • Conversation logs
    • Global and personal address book (network/cloud-based)
    • Dynamic call handling including presence-based routing
    • Omni technology simplifies deployment & reduces costs

    Collaboration Room Services

    • Multi-party voice and video conferencing
    • Screen and content sharing
    • Multi-party chat
    • Moderator controls
    • Dynamic bandwidth use via SVC video support

    Common Specifications

    • Voice calling with G.711 & Opus codecs
    • Video calling with H.264 and VP8
    • Support for multi-party video conferencing with H.264 SD/HD SVC
    • All conversations are secured with HTTPS, TLS & SRTP

    Kandy Business Solutions Integration

    • KBS portal supports custom client colours
    • Custom tabs support 3rd party applications