Cloud Fusion Virtual Receptionist

Be sure every call to your business is answered and routed efficiently, day or night. The Virtual Receptionist can be your organisation’s primary answering point or supplement a live receptionist; ideal for high-volume call environments or after-hours and overflow call routing.

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    Seamless Call Management and Handling

    An intuitive web portal makes it easy to define menu structures and routing selections. Multiple schedule options simplify call management at different times of day, day of the week and during holidays.

    The Virtual Receptionist can easily manage large volumes of incoming calls and provide multiple levels of call handling for any business environment.


    • Multi-Level Menus
    • Schedule-Based Menus & Greetings
    • General Voicemail & Fax Box
    • User Directory
    • User Definable Routing Selections: Dial a Phone Number
    • Transfer to Voicemail
    • Transfer to Account
    • Dial User Extension
    • Go to Submenu
    • Transfer to a Hunt Group
    • Announcement
    • Route to an Operator
    • Dial by Name
    • Call Announce
    • E-mail, Text, or Phone Call Notifications