Phone and UC Services Without the Desk Phone

Fuse2 PC and Mac softphone clients can replace or complement a traditional business phone. Use them in the office, in a home office or on the road; anywhere you have your computer and internet access you have a complete unified communications experience (an office VPN connection is not required). Find co-workers using the built-in corporate directory, see their presence status, send/receive instant messages and make/receive voice and video calls. Use the computer's built-in microphone and speakers or use a headset for hands free operation. The softphone client shares your business phone number, even if you also have a desk phone and/or a mobile client. The Windows softphone client also includes a communication toolbar for Outlook and is supported on Windows tablets with touchscreen interfaces.


One phone number simplicity

With fuse2, users have just one phone number that can be simultaneously used by a desktop phone as well as smartphone apps for iOS and Android – simplifying the calling experience and keeping mobile numbers private.


Meetme Conference Intergration

The Fuse2 PC/Mac client is integrated with the Fuse2 MeetMe conferencing service. Anytime you host a call you’ll see the names or caller-ID of each participant that joins (or leaves) the conference. You’ll never wonder if someone is quietly listening in or waste time taking a roll call or find out that “Bob” has dropped only after calling his name five times


One Business Directory with Presence & Instant Messaging

Fuse2 automatically creates a single, organization-wide, business directory that can span multiple sites. Stop trying to maintain paper phone lists or use outdated corporate address books with pager numbers from the 90s. Simply search for a team member, see their presence status (available, away, offline, etc) and use instant messaging to see if they have a moment to connect. If an IM isn’t enough, seamlessly escalate to a voice or video call.


Call Grabber - Take Your Call With You

It’s a common scenario, an important call is running long and you have to leave the office for another obligation. You can’t hang-up and you don’t want to draw attention by dialing in from a mobile phone. Fuse2’s Call Grabber is here to save the day, with one click the call will move from your desk to another Fuse2 client (you can move it back as well). Callers won’t hear a thing and audio is never disrupted. Call grabber works between any Fuse2 device or client (desk phone, PC/Mac Clients, smartphone, tablet or web client) and can even be used with a “dumb” phone using the line’s caller-ID to trigger the call grab.