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Advanced business growth with Cloud 3CX

Accelerate your business growth with a 3CX Cloud phone system. Don’t just rely on phone calls but communicate using Live Chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Video Conferencing and many more.

All of these communication channels via a single client meaning, no switching between apps. Choose from web, desktop and mobile clients or easily connect a supported IP phone.

Key Features

Omni-channel Functionality

The essence of omnichannel platforms is the customer journey – specifically providing a seamless experience. This means when a client calls after a web chat conversation earlier in the day, the agent who answers can see the messages they sent and any responses. The agent then has the context to help the customer more effectively. This points to several benefits of the omnichannel approach.

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Management Console

The 3CX Management Console is the home of all your management needs. Easily access agents’ call history, call recordings and statistics in one localised environment making those end-of-the-week reviews much easier! Access the performance of your team as a whole or narrow the searches down to an individual simply within the console.

The management console is also where you can access important details such as emergency numbers, agent extensions and phone provisioning.

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Call Queues

Call Queues allow calls to be queued, so that agents can take calls when they are available. If all agents are busy, calls are kept waiting until an agent is available. Call queues allow you to set different triggers throughout your 3CX phone system to enable the most effective customer journey. This includes – ring time, destination if no answer, music on hold and many more. You can also prioritise calls meaning high-priority calls will be treated with more importance than a general call and will be automatically ‘fast tracked’ to the front.

The priority of the call is determined through the options that the customer selects.

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Call Reports

In depth call reporting is essential for gaining real-time insights into your contact centre performance and customer needs. With 3CX’s advanced Call Reporting feature, you can utilise reports to make informed decisions about your business, restructure your call centre, optimize agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Evaluate individual call centre agent performance.
  • Check how well agents perform as a team.
  • Get insights into the customer experience.
  • Take action to restructure and streamline the customer journey

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One fixed monthly cost including 3CX license, prefered Fuse 2 SIP Trunks, Call Bundles, managed server and 24 hour monitoring.

Call Flow App – Low Code
/ No Code Environment

Create bespoke call flows with drag-and-drop features into a completely tailored enterprise routing environment.

This offers advanced routing for your agents so that you can always ensure customers are receiving the best, and most time-efficient, service from your team. This includes skills-based routing, caller position announcement, polling strategy and many more.


 When working in a busy call centre, customer satisfaction and call resolutions are key to maintaining business standards.

Often it is hard for managers to track these metrics on the go which is why the 3CX Wallboards are key to any call centre office. The 3CX Wallboards track the number of busy agents, answered calls, waiting calls, total talk time, callbacks, waiting time, and abandoned calls. All of these statistics can be projected onto a monitor or a big screen, which in return can improve emloyee productivity and motivate agents!

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Why choose a fully managed cloud 3CX system from Fuse 2?

At Fuse 2 we strive to provide our customers with the best quality service and experience. This means that we are always eager to improve our knowledge on the systems that we provide and improve our offerings to give our customers the most suited solutions for their needs.

As a solutions provider, we provide 3CX partners all over the world with tailored support and licenses. The titanium level is the top tier that a partner can achieve at 3CX. This means that we have supported our customers throughout the process of onboarding 3CX into their businesses. It also means that we have educated customers on the benefits of 3CX and have always been on hand to support with set up’s and questions.

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