Our Connectivity Services and Solutions

Every modern business is heavily reliant on fast and reliable internet services. At Fuse 2 Communications, our high-quality connectivity services and solutions can ensure your organisation is able to stay connected to your colleagues and customers worldwide at all times.

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    We can provide your company with fully managed end-to-end internet services for your business, with dedicated lines, centralised network management and flexible setups to suit the specific needs of your business. Thanks to our resilient core network, you will be guaranteed a stable, high-quality connection.

    Fuse 2 is an award-winning independent provider of connectivity and IP services, and we are committed to helping you find a solution that’s right for you. We will work closely with you to find out your needs, and deliver a tailored service that will ensure your company remains well-connected in a fast-paced world of online trade and communication.

    Explore our complete range of connectivity solutions and services below, or get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help. Call Fuse 2 on 0330 088 0333, or fill in our contact form to arrange a call back at your convenience.

    Our Services

    At Fuse 2 Communications, our connectivity services are all dedicated to making sure that your enterprise network delivers high speeds, stable performance and seamless management that you can rely upon.

    Here are the connectivity solutions we can provide for you:

    Dedicated Lines

    Fuse 2 uses dedicated, privately leased lines from our robust network to deliver your business internet, wrapped with a 99.95% uptime SLA and four-hour fix


    We offer a choice of FTTC broadband connections, connected to a cabinet to deliver faster internet speeds, or ADSL connections to allow more data to be sent over existing phone lines


    Choose between our multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) services to ensure reliable connections for your real-time applications, or SD-WAN for an intelligent and resilient wide-area network (WAN)

    Managed WiFi

    With our managed Wi-Fi services, you will receive easy centralised management of your entire network, including authentication of users and network monitoring

    Why Choose Fuse 2?

    If you are looking for a connectivity solutions provider with a proven reputation for great customer service, high-end performance and reliable infrastructure, look no further than Fuse 2 Communications.

    As an award-winning independent provider of connectivity and IP solutions for businesses around the world, Fuse 2 offers enterprise-grade connection services that you can always depend on. Our resilient core network offers the following benefits:

    • High-quality network equipment from top communication brands to deliver the very best performance
    • Proactive monitoring across our entire network via sophisticated bespoke software, providing us with clear performance metrics
    • Oversight on all customer equipment, with notifications sent to engineers in the event of outages or technical problems – often received before the end user has even noticed the issue themselves
    • A fully managed end-to-end solution, providing straightforward control over usage, accessibility and monitoring

    What’s more, as an independent company, we are able to provide you with friendly and personalised customer service, helping you to create custom network solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We combine the responsiveness and flexibility of an independent provider with the expertise and high-quality service expected of a big brand, and can work closely with you to deliver the perfect connectivity solution.

    Get in touch with Fuse 2 today, and we will listen to what you need from your enterprise network setup, before creating a solution that will keep you connected.