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Atmos by CallCabinet

Atmos by CallCabinet is the world’s most secure and scalable cloud-native compliance call recording and AI-powered voice analytics platform. It uses true cloud technology to securely record all calls and screen interactions whilst being fully PCI compliant. Meaning, Atmos provides maximum security for all customers

The ideal Cloud-based call recording platform for any business 

Main Benefits

Available all of the time, anywhere, from any place

Never a capacity or throughput issue

Never lose a recording with multiple levels of redundancy 

Easy to use, easy to develop 

Allows the use to control a multitude of changes 

Always running the latest software releases

Supports compliance and local data sovereignty laws

Value added software offers insight into customer and employee interaction

Key Features

PCI DSS Redaction

Safeguard customer’s sensitive financial information such as credit card, social security and national insurance numbers. Almos scrubs personal financial data across vulnerable layers, providing maximum security for customers.

WFO (Workforce Optimisation)

At a glance view of quality activity. Search function by any column for quick call access. 6-month view of Quality Management and Quality Performance.

Screen Recording or Capture

Records the agent’s computer screen during each call, which is synchronous with the audio portion of the interaction. The sereen capture feature allows supervisors to set the capture at any frequency.

Agent/Call Scoring

Every score made can be analysed by the Atmos Report writer, and multiple scores can be analysed together to get a dynamic overview of a call centre’s ongoing performance.

Automatic Agent Scoring

Instead of sampling and evaluating your agent scores, Atmos Voice Analytics provides automated Agent Scoring for every call, increasing accuracy.

Emotion and Sentiment

Atmos Voice Analytics automatically analyses each call for emotion and sentiment, classifying calls into specific categories and allowing for a deeper understanding of the customer experience.

Atoms Platform

CallCabinet’s groundbreaking Atmos platform empowers the new frontier of decentralized contact centres with seamless call recording and powerful AI-driven analytics for next-level compliance and enhanced customer experience.

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Three main drivers

Compliance Recording
  • Full Time Voice Capture
  • PCI Compliance Redaction
  • Screen Capture or Recording
  • Compliant data storage & sharing features
Quality Assurance
  • Review and Score Calls to enhance the quality of customer interactions
  • Improve internal processes and
  • compliance
Voice Analytics
  • Speech-to-Text Transcription with Sentiment and Emotion Analysis
  • Deep Analysis of Speech Characteristics,
  • Gender Identification, and Speaker Identification
  • Automated, economical, intelligent QA, CX and Call Driver solutions
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