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What is Clobba?

Clobba is a unified communications reporting and analytics solution for Microsoft Teams direct routing. These insights help maintain a high standard of call quality, increase employee productivity, cut costs and enable you to manage other aspects of your Team’s environment. Achievable ROIs are met with the wide range of analytics available. Clobba is an easy-to-use reporting tool that provides insights into user-adoption trends, call quality, employee productivity, call costs, and much more. All Clobba is hosted within the Fuse 2 network meaning, it is fully managed and supported by Fuse 2 engineers.

Benefits & features of Clobba

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprises
Clobba can assist by reporting on:
  • Student participation in classes
  • Duration students are in classes
  • How students are joining classes
  • Summary of Teams courses
  • Student activity in Teams classes
  • Use of video, messaging and voice calling
  • Devices being used such as headsets
  • Wi-Fi calling and potential quality issues
  • Handling times for call queues such as the Admissions department
Specifically Clobba can benefit finance sector customers through:
  • Private wire and SIP trunk utilization
  • Trader activity stats
  • Identify activity with key clients
  • Fixed and variable costs for charge back to traders
  • Device utilization by trader
  • Identify trends in call costs
  • Monitor performance against KPI’s
  • Toll fraud
  • Back office call handling
Clobba assists Government organizations by reporting and analysing on:
  • User adoption of UC
  • Call handling times
  • Volumes of conferences and attendees
  • Home worker productivity stats
  • Capacity planning of SIP trunks
  • DID allocation and management
  • Use of approved headsets
  • Voice recording for dispute resolution and training
Clobba is ideal in this situation delivering details on:
  • User Adoption
  • Conferencing adoption
  • Call handling times including auto attendant and queue performance
  • Video calling including quality
  • Use of approved devices (Headsets)
  • Call quality on home wi-fi’s
  • User activity within Teams to collaborate
  • Call cost
  • Capacity planning for SIP trunk utilization
  • Voice recording for dispute resolution, training and ensuring high levels of service delivery
  • Manage Employee Productivity  
  • Regardless of location, you can ensure your employee’s are working productively and efficiently. 
  • Monitor Call Quality 
  • Monitor call quality across your business to ensure all calls are delivered to the highest quality. 
  • Maintain Business Standards
  • Ensure that all employee’s SLA’s are met and that customer satisfaction levels are achieved. 
  • Device Management  
  • View, track and manage all equipment performance to minimize troubleshooting’s.  
  • Maximize Your Teams Investment 
  • Manage user adoption and identify training needs within your business.
To find out more about Clobba
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