Efficient Business Communications Across Any Device With Anywhere365

Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center for Microsoft Teams. Anywhere365 is natively integrated with Microsoft Teams to engage customers across any channels, from anywhere and at any time.

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    Anywhere365 Call Centre Solutions

    Having access to the very latest call centre solutions can be crucial in helping modern businesses to organise and efficiently manage their customer interactions. At Fuse 2 Communications, we can help you set up Anywhere365 call centre solutions to revolutionise the way you communicate with your clients.

    We can deliver the full solution globally, without the need for purchasing and managing your own SBC’s which is required as standard. Utilising our global presence of Ribbon SBC’s, overlaid with the Anywhere365 platform. You can access the only Cloud Contact centre for Teams to be certified by Microsoft.

    The Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud Service is a cutting-edge omnichannel communications solution for Microsoft platforms, allowing you to manage business comms across all devices, record your calls, track your customer journeys and automate key processes. In doing so, you can greatly enhance your workforce’s efficiency and achieve meaningful cost-saving benefits.

    By reaching out to Fuse 2, we can help you get your Anywhere365 platform set up in a way that maximises your return on investment. As an award-winning provider of premium communications solutions, we can utilise our years of expertise and enterprise-grade network capabilities to unlock the full benefits of Anywhere365.

    To find out more about how we can help transform your call centre operations with Anywhere365, get in touch with Fuse 2 today. Arrange a call back at your convenience, or call 0330 088 0333 to speak to us.

    What is Anywhere365?

    Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud is an omnichannel contact centre solution built exclusively for Microsoft technologies and platforms, providing seamless integration with your existing Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Office365 Phone System setups.

    It allows users to manage and report on customer interactions across multiple different channels and platforms, including voice, chat, email, social media, WhatsApp or chatbot conversations, preserving the context and history of the dialogue throughout the customer journey. This ensures you are always able to deliver a consistent service that prioritises customers in the most effective way.

    Anywhere365 also offers options and configurations for on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments, with additional features such as real-time language detection and translation, call recording and smart routing. Taken together, these capabilities help to deliver a seamless experience for customers and significant efficiency gains for you and your staff.

    The Benefits of Anywhere365 Call Centre Solutions

    Anywhere365 is one of the most fully-featured call centre solutions available on the market, with a broad range of capabilities designed to offer the following benefits:

    • Integrated voice response and integrated chat response functionality
      With Anywhere365, you can create menus and route calls or chats based on customer input, via a flexible and easy-to-manage menu. Support for Azure Cognitive Services delivers real-time language detection for speech in 11 languages, as well as chat translation in 60 different languages.
    • Seamless call and chat recording
      Anywhere365 allows you to record inbound, outbound and internal calls and chats, which can be tagged and tracked in management reports and CRM systems to provide complete visibility over each customer’s journey.
    • Total control over your business communications
      Anywhere365 provides smart omni-channel dialogue routing based on metrics such as CLID, bots, skills, geography, IVR prompts, CRM data, IoT devices, as well as outbound dialling options ranging from click-to-call to power-dialling.
    • Manage your workforce and data more effectively
      The platform allows you to manage your customer service agents in real time over multiple contact centre groups and skills, with historical reporting and real-time monitoring of contact centre KPIs. In-built Microsoft Power BI tools also provide deep-dive actionable intelligence, giving you real insight into how to improve your customer experience.
    • Automate your customer interactions with bots
      Anywhere365 supports self-learning Azure AI Bots to handle routine voice and chat interactions, delivering efficiency gains and freeing up your live agents’ time for more complex interactions.
    • Broad compatibility with your existing platforms
      The Anywhere365 platform is optimised for use with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and the Office365 Phone System, and integrates with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Azure Cognitive Services or over 30 other CRM and ERP solutions. The platform can also turn Dynamics 365, Salesforce and ServiceNow into powerful communications tools for contact centre agents and regular business users alike.
    • Fast, easy and cost-effective to implement
      Anywhere365 is designed to be deployed within a day and requires very little IT support to implement. The solution is highly configurable and scalable to your evolving needs, and can deliver up to a 65% increase in workforce productivity.

    Fuse 2 for Anywhere365 Solutions

    As an established partner of Anywhere365, Fuse 2 is well placed to help your business make the most of this sophisticated call centre solutions platform. We have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes to customise and optimise their Anywhere365 setup to deliver effective returns that achieve their goals.

    Here is why Fuse 2 are your ideal partners when introducing the Anywhere365 platform:

    • Fuse 2 is an official partner for Anywhere365, ensuring you receive top-quality service for a trusted provider
    • Our network of global session border controllers (SBCs) allow you to connect to Anywhere365 without investing in your own SBCs
    • We have years of experience of successfully delivering complex voice solutions, including Anywhere365, for our customers

    An award-winning company, Fuse 2 combines the friendly and personalised customer experience of a fully independent organisation with the high quality of service you would expect from a big brand, backed up by an enterprise-grade network infrastructure. We are dedicated to working with you to deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Why Choose Fuse 2?

    Certified Ribbon Service Provider & Microsoft Partner

    24/7 Support & Monitoring with UK Engineering Teams

    Independent Carrier Network with Global Points of Presence

    Additional Call Control & Features not present with Microsoft

    ITSPA Award winners in multiple categories

    Channel based calls pricing rather than per user

    Contact Us

    At Fuse 2, we have the expertise and experience you will need to implement an Anywhere365 solution that unlocks the full benefits of the platform for your business, delivering maximum efficiency and transforming customer experiences.

    If you’d like more information about how Anywhere365 can help you, call the Fuse 2 team directly on 0330 088 0333, or arrange a call back at your convenience.

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