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Direct Routing as a Service

Microsoft Teams direct routing service enables businesses to establish a simple, cloud-based phone and PBX system that allows users to make calls internally, externally and internationally – to landlines and mobile phones – all from Microsoft Teams, via certified cloud gateways.

Microsoft Teams or Office 365 as their business’s unified With Microsoft Teams direct routing, any business that uses significantly increased flexibility, accessibility and support, while communications and collaboration platform can take advantage of saving time and money. Fuse 2 provides award-winning, premium communications solutions driven by the most advanced and resilient global network architecture. We’re a friendly, independent company with the expertise and solutions of a large enterprise.

  • PSTN Replacement 40+ Countries
  • Number Coverage 100+ Countries

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Benefits & features of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

  • Cloud Gateways
  • Global Coverage
  • Call Centre & Recording
  • Routing & Reporting

Cloud Gateways

Fuse 2 Communications can integrate into your Microsoft Office 365 platforms and offer PSTN/telephony services
via our certified cloud gateways.

This gives you the ability to port and use existing telephone numbers, purchase new numbers from anywhere in the UK or even around the world, and route these numbers to your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business clients and desk phones.

Our Microsoft-certified SBCs also allow call forking, which allows
you to send a call to more than one destination simultaneously.
For example, this is useful for ringing the mobile Teams client and
a legacy desk phone simultaneously, therefore merging legacy
and expensive existing PBX infrastructures with the Teams direct routing solution.



Our global coverage allows organisations to maximise their Microsoft licensing investment and enable voice capabilities for Microsoft Teams. We provide full PSTN replacement including CLI, local call back, and management of call routing to emergency services in 40+ countries and number coverage in 100+ countries.

The Global Voice Network is developed to change the way companies connect in the telecoms industry. This highly innovative and federated network enables our customers to connect their networks to all telecom networks around the world with ONE single connection.

With access to 153 data centres around the world, the Global Voice Network provides Fuse 2’s customers with secure, simple and direct access to a global ecosystem of termination networks, cloud infrastructure providers, SaaS providers, software partners and much more. The Global Voice Network is the foundation of our international number management cloud platform.

Our growing international customer base is able to buy, route and service their virtual numbers globally. Supported by Fuse 2’s regulation matrix and porting services, we offer you a single, simple, all-inclusive experience.

Global Coverage

Microsoft Teams Call Centre Recording

Fuse 2 offer a compliant call recording solution for the Microsoft Teams Phone System. The call recording solution helps your organisation comply with regulations and offers:
Selective Recording Selective Recording

Record all calls or configure the system to only record certain users or departments.

Selective Recording Powerful Search

Easily search for, retrieve and play back calls, saving you valuable time and effort.

Selective Recording Long-term Storage

Long-term storage options from 3–7 years, or longer if needed.

Microsoft Teams Call
Centre & Advanced Routing

Fuse 2 partner with one of the worlds most advanced compliant call recording solutions for the Microsoft Teams Phone System. The call recording solution helps your organisation comply with regulations and offers the following:

  • Selective Recording: Record all calls or configure the system to only record certain users or departments.
  • Powerful Search: Easily search for, retrieve and play back calls, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Long-Term Storage: Long-term storage options from 3–7 years, or longer if needed..
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Microsoft Teams
Reporting: Clobba

Fuse 2’s Teams reporting tool cuts through the fog that cloaks UC&C activity. Now you really can see who is doing what, where, and when on Microsoft Teams – and how effectively they’re doing it.

Clobba is your own fully customisable window into your organisation’s business communications, which could easily become the most efficient and collaborative in your sector.

Clobba can help you:

  • Save money.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Increase user adoption.
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels.
  • Plan worker capacity.
  • Reduce abuse and time theft.
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How does Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams work?

Rather than using Microsoft Calling Plans, microsoft teams direct routing allows you to connect Fuse 2’s SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams.

Direct routing for microsoft teams enables full phone system capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Office 365, minimising costs, improving efficiency and greatly reducing the complexity of integrating voice infrastructure with this world-leading cloud platform. We operate Ribbon Communications’ Microsoft Teams-certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to deliver our direct routing service. Ribbon is a global software leader in intelligent and secure cloud communications, and among the first vendors whose SBCs are certified to work with direct routing for Microsoft Teams. That means a direct routing solution that includes a Ribbon SBC is fully supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Work

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Microsoft Teams

Benefits of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams offers businesses a flexible, cost-effective, and feature-rich solution to enhance your communication and collaboration capabilities while maintaining control over telephony infrastructure.

Unified Communication

Direct routing helps seamlessly integrate voice services into Microsoft teams platform providing you with unified communication where employees can conduct voice calls, conferences, and collaborate on projects through a single interface.

Reduce Costs

Direct Routing and choosing your own telephony provider, you can often save costs when compared to Microsoft Calling Plans, tailoring your telephony services to your specific needs and budget.

Global Reach

This allows for the setup of local phone numbers globally, ensuring users in global regions have a localised calling experience.

More cost-effective than
Microsoft Calling Plans

Direct routing for Teams means significantly reduced recurring telephony costs compared to Microsoft’s Calling Plans, every single time.

Why Choose Fuse2?

In addition to our vast experience and expertise, our customers enjoy our personal approach to our work. We tailor our services to suit their individual requirements, and offer the highest levels of communication throughout our working relationship.


Certified Ribbon Service Provider & Microsoft Partner.


24/7 Support & Monitoring with UK Engineering Teams.

Points of Presence

Independent Carrier Network with Global Points of Presence.

Extra Functionality

Additional Call Control & Features not present with Microsoft.

Award Winners

ITSPA Award winners in multiple categories.


Scalable channel based calls pricing rather than per user.

To find out more about Microsoft Teams Arrange a two-week, no-obligation proof of concept, get in touch with our team of experts today. Arrange a call back at your convenience.

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Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333