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12/01/2022 - Fuse 2

Excellent customer service is essential to successful businesses. After all, 74% of customers will purchase a product or service based on customer experience (CX) alone.  

Companies can increase brand loyalty and grow their profits by ensuring that this experience encourages customer retention and uncovers new upselling opportunities. People need better ways of dealing with businesses, and they want more options for how to get in contact. Also, with mobile employees working remotely in all parts of the world, companies want to offer them a seamless user experience regardless of workplace.

An Omnichannel Contact Centre offers a comprehensive suite of tools to move your customer service from good to excellent. We are a UK VoIP and Network provider that offers Anywhere365, a platform that is integrated with Microsoft Teams to engage customers across any channel, anywhere and at any time.

Keep on reading to learn more about what an Omnichannel Contact Centre is and how it can help your company achieve customer service excellence.


Unlike a traditional voice-based Call Centre, a Contact Centre is a centralised point where all customer interaction is managed. The purpose of a Contact Centre is to efficiently respond to customers and make it easy for them to reach out to the organisation via a range of communication mediums.

Contact Centres are growing in number because of increased expectations from consumers for high-quality customer service. There are different types of Contact Centres, including Multichannel and Omnichannel.


Omnichannel Contact Centres allow companies to provide consistent and excellent service to their customers through any channel, at any time, such as chat, phone, email, SMS and social media. Bots can even be deployed to supplement or replace real human interaction.

A Multichannel Contact Centre offers a range of communication medium options, but it doesn’t allow Contact Centre agents access to the complete and integrated history of customer interaction in a homogenous way.

Omnichannel Contact Centres provide a better experience for the customer, allowing conversations to be continued seamlessly across different channels, without the poor experience of “having to explain the issue again” when switching between communication mediums. They also allow the company and their Contact Centre agents to be more efficient. 

24-7 Access For Employees And Customers

Contact Centre agents should have access to intuitive platforms, such as Anywhere365, that connect customers to those agents. Whether the customers reach out by email or social media, Contact Centre agents will have easy access to the customer’s journey throughout the end-end experience. Remember, 94% of customers are loyal to brands that deliver fantastic customer service experiences. 

Seamless Integration With Tools Like Microsoft Teams

Rather than making a significant investment in entirely new software, companies should consider access to an Omnichannel Contact Centre that seamlessly integrates with existing Collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams and Office 365. A Teams Contact Centre can be a cost-effective approach to revolutionising customer service while increasing brand loyalty and revenue. 


Omnichannel Contact Centres are an essential part of a company’s customer service strategy. They provide the company and their employees with the right tools to ensure that their customers are satisfied.

With Anywhere365, a company can easily organise and manage customer interactions. Anywhere365 is a certified Microsoft Teams Contact Centre, so Microsoft has approved the quality of the service and integration. A company’s employees can manage communications across all devices, record calls, track customers progress, and automate critical processes through Anywhere365.

We are your trusted UK VoIP and Contact Centre provider. Contact us today to learn more about Anywhere 365 and get expert advice on how your organisation can benefit from the latest innovations in customer contact. 

Fractional Teams are guest bloggers for Fuse2. With over 15 years of experience in Telecommunications and the Cloud, they write articles for clients and publications worldwide.

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