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your 3CX

Supercharge your 3CX with a bespoke development dedicated to building the desired feature set your business needs to succeed. With custom development and fully customisable properties, Fuse 2 can transform your 3CX into an advanced contact centre solution.

Active Directory Sync

Automatically remove rights to the phone system. Features include: Auto Backup, Simple to Use, Increased Security & Simplify Admin Tasks.

Auto Call Back

Leave voicemails or request a call back when extensions become available. Features include: Unlimited Recordings, Web-Based, Automatic & Customisable.

Auto Voicemail

Automatically leave voicemail messages and move to the next call. Auto Voicemail lets you instantly get to the next call without wasting time leaving yet another voicemail message.

Call Router

Customise how your organisation’s inbound phone calls are routed. Features include: Queues, Area Codes, Designer Tools & Customisable.

Caller ID

Change your outbound caller ID based on geographical region. This add-on makes it simple for your call centre agents to select the desired caller ID number, before placing a call.

Competitive Wallboards

Monitor the activities of your inbound/outbound call centres. Features include: Call Tracking, Outbound, Inbound, Agent Status, Idle Times, Missed Calls, Quotas & Customisable.


Automate the export of 3CX Call Detail Records to SQL or MySQL. With 3CX Exporter, you can automatically synchronize all 3CX data and generated Call Detail Records (CDR) files with either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. This small Windows service runs automatically in the background to keep your external database in sync with the data in 3CX.

Power Dialer

Automate the unattended calls to customers using campaigns. Features include: Amazon Polly Support, Customizable, Call Routing, Email & SMS, Text-to-Speech, 3CX CFD Support & Automated Campaigns.


View all events of a call, including start/end time, transfers, hold times, etc. You can follow the path the call took, and see a complete list of attributes. This tool provides real-time logging that makes it easy to look up how each call was routed, which agent received it, and how long it took.

Wrap up Codes

Classify, track, and report on phone calls using a simple pop-up. Wrap-up codes (also called disposition codes) enable you to classify the purpose or result of your phone calls. When you make or receive a phone call, a popup will display that enables you to select from a pre-defined list of codes.

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