Our Network

Fuse 2 operates a highly diverse carrier network.  Each segment of our voice platform can operate in the event of hardware of interconnect outages by virtue of the design.

We peer and directly interconnect with most major networks and suppliers to allow our customers to have guaranteed call quality experience.  Some of our interconnects include LINX, IXManchester, Cogent, TATA, TalkTalk, BT, M247, UKFast, LDeX, OVH, Amazon AWS and many direct peers across IX exchanges.

One thing we pride ourselves upon is the proactive monitoring that takes places across every piece of our network.  We have bespoked and implemented some of the best monitoring software both inside our network and externally so we can get true real-world metrics for a customer outside of the Fuse 2 network.

All customers equipment is monitored with notifications sent to engineers in the event of outages, highly likely we will know about issues before the end user – this allows us to take a very proactive approach to our clients.

We also offer some custom applications which is unique to Fuse 2 – such as the ability to divert customers VoIP/Phone numbers in the event an IP becomes unavailable (such as their head office internet/router) we would also send notification via SMS and another SMS once their network/IP has recovered.