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09/02/2024 - Jodie Penk

We wish to inform you of recent developments regarding the transition of services following the liquidation of iHub Limited 2 (iHub) in November 2023. As many are aware, this event understandably caused concern among businesses utilising iHub number ranges.

In response to these challenges, Fuse 2 Communications has engaged in discussions with BT to facilitate the seamless migration of all iHub numbering services into our network. This strategic collaboration ensures continuity of service for all iHub customers, including those with exported numbers, thereby mitigating any potential disruptions.

We recognise the importance of uninterrupted telecommunications services to our customers, Fuse 2 Communications is committed to maintaining the highest standards of reliability and performance. Our robust and scalable network infrastructure has garnered trust from regulatory bodies within the telecommunications industry, affirming our capability to execute this migration seamlessly and efficiently.

We appreciate the trust placed in Fuse 2 Communications and our network’s resilience by both our customers and esteemed regulatory bodies. Rest assured, we remain dedicated to delivering uninterrupted service and exploring new opportunities to enhance your telecommunications experience.

What to do if you’re an existing iHub customer

If you’re an existing iHub customer, rest assured that your numbers will not lose service. We at Fuse 2 are however requesting that all businesses who are aware of any customers using iHub numbers come forward and claim them. For the next six months, Fuse 2 will be continuing services on all iHub numbers (including exported numbers) to ensure a continuity of service. However, after the six month mark, services will deplete for unclaimed numbers. This is to simply ensure that we are not utilising vital areas of our network for numbers and services that are no longer needed by the end user.

If you have any on-going communication between yourself and i-hub then please pick up the phone and speak to us with your concerns

Will my number change?

No, your number will not change. Fuse 2 is committed to ensuring a smooth transition, and this includes maintaining your existing number without any alterations. You can rest assured that nothing on your end or ours will change as we facilitate this transition seamlessly. Your telecommunications experience will remain consistent, with no disruptions or inconveniences.

Do I need to adjust my billing?

No, unless you require new services or products there will be no change to your billing. If your service provider does however decide to keep your numbers through Fuse 2, the only difference to billing will be a change in who will be billing them for the numbers.

Will I be contracted to Fuse 2?

Following collaboration with Ofcom and the liquidators. All iHub number ranges are now allocated to Fuse 2 Communications. With the view to maintain continuity of service for iHub’s customers and provide exceptional customer service. Fuse 2 is in a position to bring service to these number ranges very quickly. This however, does not mean customers have to stay with Fuse 2, if this is something they would like to change. We have no intentions of upselling iHub customers, we simply took over as range holder to mitigate the potential backlash of their liquidation.

Should you have any questions regarding this migration, or any iHub services / numbers please do get in touch!

Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333