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Anywhere365 Call Centre Overlay Powered by Fuse 2

Having access to the very latest call centre solutions is crucial in helping modern businesses to organise and efficiently manage their customer interactions. At Fuse 2 communications, we can help you set up Anywhere365 call centre solutions to revolutionise the way you communicate with your clients and staff. Our unique direct routing as a service solution and trusted partner status with Anywhere365 enables our certified engineers to provide you with fully
end to end support.

As Microsoft’s first officially certified Cloud Contact Centre and Dialogue Management solution, Anywhere365 is able to leverage the (voice) capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Direct routing enables your contact centre agents and knowledge workers to make and receive calls from Microsoft Teams.

Route calls directly to Teams powered agents with all our rich features, such as Call recording, Real-Time Translation, IVR, Supervisor, Reporting, Wallboards and many more.

What is

Anywhere365 is a communications management and contact centre solution which is geared entirely around the Microsoft stack. It is available globally and works across communications channels, with chat, email, voice and social media capabilities.

It’s cloud-based, so you can use it with any device in any location, and by managing all your communications through one central hub, you can track customers across platforms throughout their journey. To help you get the most from your contact centre, Anywhere365 is integrated with additional Microsoft features like Azure Cognitive Services and Power BI, enabling data analysis and visualisation, AI tools and more. Fuse2 are a trusted partner of Anywhere365, with a host of certified engineers.

Key Features

Native Microsoft Teams Contact Centre

Supercharge your Microsoft environment with timeline dialogue management, skills based routing, attendant console, all utilising native Teams integration from the first approved Microsoft Contact Centre solution.

Power BI
Dialogue Reporting

Create accurate and bespoke reports using the Power BI reporting tool. Focus on forecasting, workforce management, recording and quality monitoring.


Integrated wallboards for granular call and dialogue metrics, designed for Contact Centres with easily viewable SLA’s, agent overviews and queue breakdowns.

CRM Integration

Effortlessly connect your CRM for seamless data and dialogue integration, including a number of out the box connectors with Servicenow, Salesforce, Dynamics365, SAP and more.


Streamline all channels of dialogue with a full
Omni-Channel experience for agents integrating SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Ai Bots, Emails and more.

Snapper Tool

On the go Contact Centre agent application for scalable agent and supervisor experience, consolidating applications into one easy to use tool.

Seamlessly combine call centres and collaboration tools with Anywhere365 integration

How can Fuse 2 enhance your Anywhere365 experience?

Ribbon SBCs

Our whole network is run on Ribbon Session Boarder Controllers
which were the first to be approved by Microsoft, SBC’s are an advanced piece of hardware that routes all your voice traffic.

We can deliver the full solution globally, without the need for purchasing and managing your own SBC’s which is required as standard. Utilising our global presence of Ribbon SBC’s, overlaid with the Anywhere365 platform.

Direct Routing

Direct Routing from Fuse 2 is a fully managed, end-to-end service from a leading international voice provider. Our global reach connects your business to the world, with full PSTN replacement in 40+ countries and number coverage in 100+ countries. Direct Routing enables full phone system capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Office 365, minimising costs, improving efficiency and greatly reducing the complexity of integrating voice infrastructure with this world leading cloud platform.

Key features

Call recording

1st certified contact centre platform with Microsoft

A host of out the box CRM connectors and API CRM connectors with sequel backend.

Skills based routing - skills per agent can be assigned and inbound traffic can be routed based on agents’ skill score.

Full omni-channel integration (What’sApp, SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc.)

Transit data - all data is held within customers own SharePoint and database.

Advanced receptionist console sat natively in the team’s environment.

Historical & current customer info can be presented in a live environment prior to call acceptance.

Multiple call queue and ring group functionality.

Advanced power BI reporting - customisable per call queue and agents - detailed call metrics integrated with PowerBi reporting and wall boards provided as standard.

At Fuse 2, we have the expertise and experience you will need to implement an Anywhere365 solution that unlocks the full benefits of the platform for your business, delivering maximum efficiency and transforming customer experiences.

Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333