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29/03/2023 - Jodie Penk

3CX StartUp is revolutionising Unified Communications for small businesses around the world…Find out how below:

The economy has changed dramatically when compared to pre-COVID and having an advanced Unified Communications platform is now crucial for any business. Remote working functionality is a must for any organisation and keeping people connected no matter their location provides significant benefits for staff and customers.

Phone systems are essential for the operations of any business, and there are many different options available across the market. These solutions however, don’t usually have small businesses in mind. Phone Systems that offer such advanced features often come with a big price-tag and a range of different technical requirements.

Small businesses especially, can greatly benefit from a modern platform that offers centralised communications across multiple media channels. This means business owners can receive calls, online chat queries and messages at ease through one application. This is where 3CX StartUp comes in.

3CX is known globally as one of the most advanced cloud communications systems on the market. Its wide range of features and easy to use interface has gained the platform major success within the communications industry over the past decade. 3CX makes Unified Communications simple, but can come at a cost which isn’t feasible for small businesses. The 3CX StartUp option gives you the freedom to access all of 3CX’s features at a fraction of the price for small businesses that only require 10 – 20 licenses.

image showing the 3CX call groups and a traditional deck phone working with 3CX

What is a 3CX license?

3CX licenses are required for getting your system up and running! 3CX, unlike many competitors, offer licenses on a concurrent call basis rather than a per user basis. This simply means that you only pay for the amount of calls your company will be making (outbound / inbound) per month rather than per staff member.

What is 3CX StartUp and where does Fuse 2 come into it?

The benefit of 3CX StartUp is it’s on a shared server, but each customer is on a segmented group, that’s completely independent of each other. This means that StartUp customers can leverage the same 3CX features, but at a highly reduced price.

For a ten user 3CX StartUp, your first 2 months will be completely free! After the two months is up, you will then pay £175 annually for your 3CX. This is the average cost per month of a 3CX system. For 20 users, the two months free is not included however, you will only be paying £275 annually rather than monthly. Both of these options are heavily discounted and offer the same amazing benefits of a 3CX system.

image showing a 3CX video call between four people

At Fuse 2 we are 3CX Titanium Partners and also a Supported SIP Trunk Provider. We have cut no corners in the bottom end investments and continue to develop our network and offerings so that we can offer our partners the best service possible. With the 3CX StartUp, Fuse 2 are able to assist with new numbers (or number porting if you would like to keep your old phone number) SIP Trunks and Call Bundles. This meaning, all call traffic is passed through Fuse 2’s highly advanced and secure network before reaching the desired location. Fuse 2’s network offers heightened security, reduced latency and committed technical support via certified, in-house engineers all at an extremely competitive price.

Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333