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08/02/2023 - Jodie Penk

VoIP in Education

Investing in VoIP phone services and IP communication setups for schools and higher education can deliver significant benefits for staff, students and other stakeholders. Traditional phone lines are costly and hard to manage, not to mention they lack functionality which can enhance and simplify your communications. Not only this, but with the ISDN switch-off fast approaching, the deadline is drawing closer to switch from your traditional phone service to IP.

Fuse 2 are market leaders in providing cloud telephony services in the education space using a number of different voice platforms. We own an extremely unique and exclusive network virtualised in a range of globally diverse Data Centres. This means we provide seamless voice, connectivity and cloud communications solutions to help schools, academies and trusts modernise their telecommunications.

Tighter budgets have become an everyday reality for schools and educational centres across the world, meaning educators cannot risk wasting funds on inefficient phone systems. Schools need a reliable phone system with diverse features to make communication accessible for teachers, students and parents (which won’t break the bank!)

What is VoIP and how will it benefit your communications?

With VoIP telephone systems, calls are made over the internet. This means call costs are significantly reduced and also means that your phone system can be used from wherever you may be. Schools are a busy environment meaning, phone calls may often be missed. A VoIP phone system from Fuse 2 can be used from a traditional desk phone, your mobile and also your desktop resulting in no more missed calls. Each teacher/department can be added to a specific ring group which means if, for example, the receptionist misses the call it will automatically be passed on to the next designated department.

Along with the flexibility and scalability of a VoIP phone system from Fuse 2, all voice offerings are enhanced with rich safeguarding features. Record and store any calls made inbound or outbound from your phone system, all whilst adhering to the regulatory PCI compliance standards. This ensures that any important or sensitive calls can be stored and played back at any time.

At Fuse 2, we work closely with our customers to provide the most appropriate and personalised system for their bespoke requirements. Your requirements will be qualified with a dedicated account manager and then handed-over to our team of highly qualified in-house engineers. From here, the engineers will be on-hand 24/7 to assist you with any query’s or support you may need throughout your contract.

Being members of the ANME (Association of network managers in education) allows us to collaborate with educational leaders across the country, supporting them with all of their telecoms query’s. Due to our presence within the ANME community, we are once again exhibiting at the Schools and Academies Show in London on the 17th May 2023. The Schools & Academies Show brings together thousands of school leaders to connect, share new ideas and debate the biggest issues facing the education community including unified communications. Register your interest for the event here!

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