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Investing in VoIP phone services and IP communication setups for schools and higher education can deliver significant benefits for staff, students and other stakeholders. At Fuse 2 Communications, we provide high-quality phone systems and services for the educational sector, helping to improve the day-to-day running of schools, academies and trusts.

Along with the flexibility and scalability of a VoIP phone system from Fuse 2, all voice offerings are enhanced with rich safeguarding features. Record and store any calls made inbound or outbound from your phone system, all whilst adhering to the regulatory PCI compliance standards.

Tighter budgets have become an everyday reality for schools and educational centres across the world, meaning educators cannot risk wasting funds on inefficient phone systems. Schools need a reliable phone system with diverse features to make communication accessible for teachers, students and parents (which won’t break the bank!)

Whatever your school’s needs may be, Fuse 2 Communications is here to help. We have the expertise and state-of-the-art network capabilities to help your institution create a bespoke solution, with all of the guaranteed reliability, security and cost-effectiveness that you expect.

Our Services for Schools and Education

At Fuse 2, we help schools and educational institutions to achieve greater choice, flexibility and functionality in the way they communicate, delivering stable and reliable school telephone systems across all devices. Here are the main services we offer:

Fully Managed Cloud 3CX

3CX, powered by Fuse 2 Communications, eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated, traditional phone systems, all whilst remaining simple to use and reliable! With pricing based on a concurrent call bases, rather than per-user, you only pay for the calls you actually use. This means you don’t need to buy a license for every staff member!

Direct Routing as a Service (Microsoft Teams)

Instead of using Microsoft Calling Plans which are costly and hard to manage, Direct Routing allows you to connect Fuse 2 SIP Trunks to your Microsoft Teams. This gives you the ability to port and use existing telephone numbers or purchase new numbers from anywhere in the world.

We are able to provide tailored VoIP phone systems for schools and educational institutions based on their specific needs, so if you have a particular requirement for your communication network, simply get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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What are the benefits of VoIP and Smart IP Communication for educators?

Modern schools, universities and colleges need to be able to communicate effectively and responsively at all times, whether this means relaying important information to staff, students and parents, or addressing the evolving educational needs of a diverse student body spread across locations around the country, or even around the world.

VoIP and internet-based phone systems for schools can be a multipurpose solution to these challenges, offering the following essential benefits for schools and educators:

  • Provide all of your staff with access to a complete suite of user-friendly communication tools – including conference calls, call recording, caller ID, call forwarding and instant messaging – from any device, wherever they are located
  • Streamline and unify your entire communications infrastructure under a single service, porting over all of your existing contacts and numbers to your new setup
  • Adapt your existing systems to work with Microsoft Teams, meaning you can complement your existing infrastructure rather than having to totally replace it with expensive new gear
  • Upgrade your internet services with dedicated lines, centralised network management and flexible setups, guaranteeing a stable, high-quality connection to support always-online learning and remote teaching
  • Take advantage of the complete security and enterprise-grade reliability offered by an industry-leading carrier network

Why Choose Fuse 2?

Fuse 2 is an award-winning independent provider of connectivity and IP solutions for educational institutions around the world. We have years of experience providing tailored telephony solutions for schools, colleges and universities, and have worked extensively with academy networks to help them future-proof their approach to communications.

We are known for our responsive customer service, quality equipment and reliable independent infrastructure, built on a robust and highly diverse carrier network, which is proactively monitored to prevent outages. We offer the expertise and technical capabilities you would expect of a large commercial service provider, paired with the flexibility and personal touch of a smaller independent business.

Get in touch with Fuse 2 today, and we will use our expertise in VoIP for schools to find a solution that will deliver a transformative impact on the way you communicate.

Fuse 2 are now the official range holder of all iHub numbers. If you have any information regarding legacy iHub services please get in touch +44 330 088 0333