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News - Feature Friday's
27/05/2022 - Jodie Penk

Feature Friday is back! This week we are looking at the extensive reporting features of Clobba

Clobba is a reporting and analytics solution for Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms. It delivers business-critical information through its simple-to-use interface and supporting reports. Clobba offers a suite of monitoring and analytical tools that provide insights into user-adoption trends, call quality, employee productivity, call costs and much more.

Clobba Dashboards

Offering out-of-the-box live call wallboards and historical dashboards, Clobba puts you in complete control of your communications. Easily monitor call quality, call volumes, agent productivity and real-time metrics all in one central location. The feature-rich platform allows you to monitor all aspects of your agent’s activity however, if this detail of reporting is not needed it is simple to create your own dashboard/wallboard. This allows you to have instant visibility of bespoke statistics tailored to your specific requirements.

Manage queues, improve response times and maximise productivity within your business to ensure agent engagements are always up-to business standards. The feature set of Clobba also allows you too:

  • Manage Employee Productivity  
  • Regardless of location, you can ensure your employee’s are working productively and efficiently. 
  • Monitor Call Quality 
  • Maintain Business Standards
  • sure that all employee’s SLA’s are met and that customer satisfaction levels are achieved. 
  • View, track and manage all equipment performance to minimize troubleshooting’s.  
  • Maximize Your Teams Investment 
  • Manage user adoption and identify training needs within your business
  • Monitor call quality across your business to ensure all calls are delivered to the highest quality. 
  • Management

Now more than ever, managing employee productivity is crucial to maintaining effective business standards. Remote working has enabled agents and employee’s to work wherever, whenever. The ability to monitor and capture the data from all conversations allows managers to easily track these engagements.

To discover how Clobba can enhance your Unified Communications and elevate your businesses productivity


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