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News - Feature Friday's
13/05/2022 - Jodie Penk

For our first Feature Friday, we’re going to be looking deeper into the Analytics Reporting of CallCabinet

CallCabinet continues to shape the Unified Communications industry with intelligent and innovative cloud-native software. Their feature-rich platform hosts a range of different features including;

  • Call Recording
  • Analytics
  • Agent Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance PCI Compliance

During the busy periods of your business, it is inevitable that hundreds of calls will be logged per hour. When the end of the day comes, it is often hard to re-cap on the day and remember those one-to-one conversations that you have had. It is also hard for supervisors and customer experience managers to oversee the quality of the interactions throughout the day due to the overlap of agents on active calls.

Atmos by Call Cabinet offers AI-powered voice analytics which capture every call in real-time so that they can be reflected on at a later date. This enables users and supervisors to re-visit calls and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual agent when in active conversation. The Atmos platform can also store the data from calls for up to seven years. Meaning you can access highly accurate compliant reporting, along with powerful oversight and analytics whenever you’d like!

Supervisors can search and categorise analytics/calls based on multiple different criteria such as the following:

  • Call Volume
  • Call Duration
  • Agent Emotion
  • Client Emotion

These features allow you to measure call quality, call compliance and also customer experience.  Each of these features offer invaluable insights that highlight areas for improvement within your business. This includes policy improvements, staff/agent training and customer loyalty.

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI compliance standards safeguard the personal data customers share over the phone during vital financial transactions. Below are the four key factors to ensure your communications are fully compliant:


Audio Redaction

Audio Redaction permanently removes any sensitive spoken data from call recordings. Upon playback of a call, Atmos masks the audio file across the call segment where PCI redaction occurred. The lock graphic to the left shows such an instance. Since the audio has been permanently scrubbed, Atmos skips this time segment and jumps to the next segment.


Transcription Hashing

Transcription Hashing removes financial and sensitive customer data inside your Atmos Speech-to-Text transcriptions, replacing the sensitive text with hash marks, signifying that PCI data has been removed.


Screen Capture Redaction

Screen Capture Redaction masks financial data detected inside of Atmos screenshots. During playback, Atmos automatically redacts any screens that are associated with PCI data, skips that segment of the call and resumes synchronously with the call audio.

Cloud Encryption

Cloud Encryption

Cloud Encryption conceals the data on the Atmos Call Network with 256-bit AES rotating encryption.

To find out more on how CallCabinet can enhance your Unified Communications Powered By Fuse 2


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